Walter A. Weiss

I am Founder and CEO of Creative Software International, Inc. and Creative Software International.

I am a graduated of San Diego State University in California and founded Creative Software International in 2001 after working independently as an Enterprise Software Consultant and Software Engineer for several companies including Microsoft, Sony, Panasonic, Sunbeam and Xerox. Before the globalization model became prevalent for the software industry in the US, I had the inspiration of creating a software development center in Tijuana Mexico. My vision was to leverage obvious advantages such as cost, resource availability, time zone, proximity and cultural advantages this region had to offer with the exceeding need for qualified resources in the US.

Since its inception, Creative Software International has been embraced receptively by hiring entities. Since then, our company has shown significant growth and has become an important contributor to our client’s economic health and success. We are currently endorsed by the Mexican Ministry of Economic Development, the Mexican Ministry of Science and Technology among other important entities.

At the present time I continue to maintain an active role as Managing Director for the company and am involved in every aspect of our operations. I continue to work directly with our partners in an effort to ensure we continue to maintain the level of value and service that has contributed to our maturity and success.

A quote from our CEO

Outsourcing IT services to third world countries have proven significant cost benefits for hiring entities. Unfortunately, success has not been proven in every case. In too many occasions the globalization model has been the beneficiary of bad character due to various reasons. Becoming a contributor in this model requires much more than promoting unreasonably low hourly rates and over promising results.

We all agree that globalization thrives from one basic principal; cost savings. True cost savings are reflected in terms of a Total Cost of Engagement (TCE) and guaranteed results. If it seems “too good to be true”, it probably is. There are many factors that play into TCE including quality, time of commitment, accuracy, bridge management and time to market results.

Hiring entities should consider many factors when selecting an offshore/nearshore development partner such as strength of management, skill level, infrastructure, client satisfaction and reputation.

When selecting an IT partner hiring entities should take into account every advantage to ensure success. Advantages may range in aspects including organizational stability, client history, references, years of operation, methodologies, quality control, language, time zone, proximity, guarantees, protection policies, prevailing law, etc.

Whether you choose to work with Creative Software International or any other IT service provider, please consider giving yourself and your partner the best chance for success. This practice will help ensure a long and healthy life for you, your partner and the globalization models which have contributed to the survival, success and innovation for so many industries across the globe.