Development Process


Software Requirement Analysis

This is also known as feasibility study. In this phase, we visits our clients and study their system. We investigate the need for possible software automation for the given system. By the end of the feasibility study, Creative Software International furnishes a document that holds the different specific recommendations for the candidate system. It also includes the personnel assignments, costs, project schedule, and target dates. The requirements gathering process is intensified and focused specially on software. To understand the nature of the system to be built, the system engineer (“analyst”) must understand the information domain for the software, as well as required function, behavior, performance and interfacing. The essential purpose of this phase is to find the need and to define the problem that needs to be solved.

System Analysis and Design

In this phase, the software development process, the software’s overall structure and its nuances are defined. In terms of the client/server technology, the number of tiers needed for the package architecture, the database design, the data structure, design etc. are all defined in this phase. A software development model is created. Analysis and Design are crucial in the whole development cycle. Any glitch in the design phase could be very expensive to solve in the later stage of the software development. Much care is taken during this phase. The logical system of the product is developed in this phase.

Code Generation

With the design performed in a detailed manner, code generation can be accomplished without much complication. Programming tools such as Visual Studio and Builder are used to create the code. With respect to the type of application, the right programming language is chosen.


Once the code is generated, the software program testing begins. Different testing methodologies are available to unravel the bugs that were committed during the previous phases. Different testing tools and methodologies are used.


Software will definitely undergo change once it is delivered to the customer. There are many reasons for the change. Change could happen because of some unexpected input values into the system. In addition, the changes in the system could directly affect the software operations. We develop software in a manner as to accommodate changes that could happen during the post implementation period.