Where are you located?
We are located in Tijuana, Mexico and our headquarters located in San Diego, CA. Our production facility is located less than 1 mile from the international border.

Can your staff travel to a partner’s facility?
Yes, we regularly travel to our partner’s location upon request.

What is your work schedule?
We work on a Pacific Time zone. Our business schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How many years have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2001.

Where do your developers work?
The entire development team works from our Tijuana facility although we have some developers working directly at our partner’s facilities.

Do you outsource any work?
We outsource some specialty work such as digital imaging or bulk CD burning. All software and graphic design work is produced in-house.

How do you implement completed projects?
The implementation of completed projects varies depending on the nature of the project. We seek to remotely implement as many projects as possible. Not all projects can be implemented in this manner and in these cases we will travel to our partner’s facility for onsite implementation or whenever specifically requested.

Do you provide documentation for completed projects?
We provide full technical and functional documentation as requested but we do advise that this may add time and expense to a project.

How do you work with your partners?
We work on projects maintaining a high degree of collaboration during the development process. Most communications are carried out using common methods and remote collaboration tools. We will also provide toll free lines, GotoMeeting and video conferencing as needed.

What are your developers’ academic backgrounds?
All our developers posses our minimum requirement of at least a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering that requires 5 years of university study. We also employ developers possessing Masters Degrees in either Software Engineering or Artificial Intelligence.

What happens if all your developers are busy with other requests?
We evaluate and allocate our resources accordingly. We continually have new project requests but we are also continually completing projects. Whenever we complete a project, the developers involved in that project will be assigned to a new project or they will provide additional support to other ongoing efforts. Whenever a new project appears, developers providing additional support will be reassigned to these new projects.

Who owns the final product?
Our partners always own the rights to their products regardless of development stage. Furthermore, upon completion of the software our partners are furnished with all source code, source files and documentation used in the design and development of their projects.

Who manages the projects?
For the most part, our clients manage their projects for our remote staffing services with assistance of our internal Project Managers. When our partners manage their projects, we coordinate the staff and facilitate collaboration so our clients are continuously involved to monitor progress and guide the overall direction of the project.

For work done on a project basis, our project managers carry the entire management of the project. We guarantee an exact date of delivery and a defect free product.

How can you guarantee results?
We are the only firm that provides our partners with a full risk free satisfaction guarantee.

How do we pay for services?
To commence development we require a fully refundable retainer which is not to be construed as, but can be applied to payment of services. In this manner partners essentially pay nothing until full satisfaction of work. Remote Staffing work is billed on a 4 week cycle or as otherwise agreed upon.

Can you guarantee our privacy?
Privacy is a standard in our field of work. We sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements set forth by our partners to protect their interests, property and trade secrets.

Do you require a contract agreement?
We require a Master service Agreement to be signed at the beginning of a commitment. In many cases we review and sign contractual agreements presented to us by our clients.

How do you determine your rates on a project basis?
After a full analysis of the project is completed and we provide an exact date of delivery. The man hours estimated for project completion are multiplied by our standard hourly rate and that determines the total we quote. If a project goes over budget we abide by the original quote unless significant modifications are appended to the original scope by the client. In these cases we require amendments to the quote to be approved prior to the development of these changes.