Service Features

Through years of listening to our client’s needs and concerns we have listed a set of proprietary features we focus on and offer in effort to provide a superior client experience.

We feel these features are a direct reflection of our business ethics and our commitment to create a model that truly satisfies the needs of our partners.

Features List

We provide quick assessment and Instant Quotes for most project requests.

We provide Full Management for remote IT staffs.

We provide the complete Development Environment and Infrastructure.

We recreate the exact Technical Environment needed for development purposes.

We adhere to clients’ Development Standards when providing changes, adding to pre-written software or when specifically advised.

We provide Professional Graphic Design Services for Images, GUI interfaces and web design as needed per request.

We Fully Test all software prior to its release and approval using industry standard structured testing methodologies.

We are Easily Reachable 24/7 and maintain regular communications during the development cycle by utilizing the most common but effective modes of communication.

We provide Professional Consultations advising on industry standards and best practices upon request.

We provide Full Support after project completion.

We Guaranteed Results while maintaining a close collaboration with our client’s teams during the development cycle. Clients are involved in the entire development phase of their projects.

We sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements set fourth to protect our partners’ interests, property and trade secrets.

Hiring entities own all Software Rights for their projects and upon completion are provided with full source code, source files, content and documentation used during the design and development of their project.

After delivery of a completed system and upon request, we will provide full Knowledge Transfer on the design, development and usability of their newly completed projects.