Satisfaction Guarantee

We are the ONLY FIRM that provides a full satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason a client is not satisfied with our service or any portion there of, the client is not responsible for payment or is fully reimbursed for the portion of the service not meeting the expected results. This area is immediately improved upon in an effort to provide a superior client experience. Additionally, any partner can exercise their option to discontinue service for any reason at any time.

Trial and Evaluation Program

We are sensitive to the fact that developers requires a work up period to get acquainted with a project, code and structure before they become fully effective. For this reason we offer a trial program for our remote staffing model which consists of one full week evaluation period
free of charge.

Additionally, if a new client for what ever reason decides to discontinue service before the first 30 days, they are not held liable for any service charges incurred during that period.

Note: These programs do not include any charges incurred upon request such as travel expenses.