Custom USA Model

Our business model is specifically designed to provide US clients with a number of features that facilitate remote collaboration, promote transparency and eliminate uncertainties in cross-border operations. This model is also designed to provide the additional protections provided in domestic commerce while take advantage of the benefits of nearshore operations.


Fully Bilingual Staff

As part of our nearshore model, our staff is required to be fully bilingual in effort to eliminate additional barriers which can arise in cross-border collaboration.

Pacific Time zone

An inherent benefit of our location is our Pacific Time Zone that closely matches any US partner’s business schedule.

Matched US Holiday Schedules

As part of our nearshore model, we only observe US holidays. We work when you work.

Cultural Affinity

Another inherent benefit of our location is our proximity and continuous interaction with our neighbors to the north. This by nature creates a close, if not identical, cultural affinity.

US Headquarters

The first way we provide protection to our clients is by providing the means to conduct domestic US commerce. By providing this feature our partners can sign US contracts, receive US invoices and are protected under US law while taking full advantage of cross-border outsourcing.

Local and Toll-Free Phone numbers

We provide ease of communications through local and Toll-Free numbers during normal business hours to enhance collaboration.

Close team communications

We promote continuous communication during the development cycle with our partners. There are no set rules we follow, we adhere to our partner’s preferences. A typical scenario is having 1 or 2 scheduled conferences per week involving our Project Managers and continuous email and IM interaction between our partners and their assigned team.

Weekly progress reports

We can provide daily or weekly progress reports detailing completed work, current status, next area of work and roadblocks. This serves as a true measure of performance and transparency team members are required to provide in effort to avoid end of development surprises. This also provides a mechanism to report early-completion schedules.

24/7 Support

As part of our contingency protocol we offer a 24/7 support line. This process ensures that in the event of emergency or last minute requirement, we are accessible and able to react at any time.

US References

We can provide US references for past and current clients available upon request.

US Invoicing

Through our US headquarters we provide the convenience of furnishing US invoices to ease accounting processes.

Bordering Location

We are located less than 1 mile from the US border with San Diego, California.

Ease of Travel

We can easily travel to any part of the US as needed by flying directly from the San Diego airport at any time. This allows for a reduction in travel time and costs by eliminating international travel.

Full Satisfaction Guarantees

We offer a full risk free satisfaction guarantee.