Remote Staffing

Remote staffing is a concept where we provide entire teams of professional developers dedicated exclusively to their assigned projects as they work through the complexities of the software development cycle. The advantages of this model are the ability to upsize and downsize your development staff as needed with experienced developers covering many fields of expertise.

Project Basis

We provide entirely custom products built to exact specifications. This process is achieved through one of two methods:

Built from Specifications

With this method we are provided with a complete and detailed specification document that we use as a blueprint to guide us through the development phase of the project. We follow several steps to insure a successful effort. Among these steps are meetings to confirm our understanding of the project and daily collaborations with your staff. Upon completion we will meet our client review the project to ensure every aspect of their request has been completely satisfied. At this point we may advise on ways to improve upon their newly developed system.

Built on a Wish List

With this method we help guide our clients in the design and creation of their specification document by advising them on all aspects of the project. These aspects can include anything related to platforms, databases, technologies and the best methods of achieving their goals based on our experience, knowledge and industry’s standards. After we have agreed upon every aspect of the design we can then begin to create their project while maintaining close collaboration with our client’s staff during development. Upon completion we will walk through the entire project to ensure every aspect of the scope and vision has been completely satisfied.