Software Quality Assurance

In our commitment to provide a superior service while maintaining value we utilize our internal Software Quality Assurance (SQA) department to compliment our software development teams.

These testing services are also available as an additional service upon request.

Our SQA department serves many highly valuable purposes:

  • Client satisfaction by producing defect free software products
  • Client satisfaction by eliminating delays in releases
  • Increased confidence through our reputation for success
  • Reduced cost through client retention
  • Reduced cost through promoting referral business
  • Reduced cost through the elimination of need to carry a sales staff
  • Reduced cost by eliminating rework and increasing efficiency
  • Reduced cost by eliminating overstaffing and releasing developers to new projects
  • Reduced recruitment and HR expenses
  • Reduction in staff turnover

Nearshore is all about quality, efficiency and competitiveness. Any value we create is passed on to our partners as a benefit.

Software QA Methods

There are many tools and methods available to achieve a same set of results. We have selected tools and methodologies we are proficient with to attain desired results. Unless the appearance of a revolutionary tool enters the market, we will continue to utilize our core proficiencies to complement our services.

Our SQA department utilizes industry standard tools and methods.

Methods include:

  • Security testing
  • Stress Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Gray Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Regression Testing

Our testing procedures include the development and use of:

  • Test Plans
  • Test Cases
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Data
  • Test Harnesses