Remote IT Staffing

Remote Staffing is a service we offer where we provide our clients with any number of developers they require to fulfill their projects. Our team collaborates with our clients from our facility as they manage them just as if they were sitting in the office next door.

Communications between our clients and our team is done through telephone, instant messenger and email. Our staff works with our clients full time on their projects as they interact and oversee the real-time development process. Our service works transparently; it is as if our staff is a part of our partner’s inhouse team.

Getting Started

Getting started with our team is easy. We start by receiving the initial scope of the work to be accomplished. We then commence setting up our clients development environment in our facility.

During this process we may ask our client to provide us with additional materials such as source code or any related documentation they may have available for review and familiarization of the project scope, coding styles, etc. We can typically setup and begin development within 48 hours of the initial client’s request. From this point on we continue to work closely with them through the entire development cycle.


Our rates are based on time commitment regardless of the number of projects being concurrently worked on for them. As our clients’ remote staff grows we provide them with even more value to help complete their projects more efficiently and within budget.

Additional discounts are also applied for any new subscribing companies referred to us by our clients.