Straight Talk

Consider these facts…

There are companies around the globe with exceptional capabilities that can help meet your goals by hiring new personnel. Right now is special in our global economy. Selecting a Software Development Partner can become an difficult task, considering the risks associated with this choice.

Our business model is simple. We maintain a highly qualified and experienced staff of developers in our Mexico facility.

Sounds like rhetoric?

  • We have been in business for 13 years, and:
  • We have costumers still working with us since 2001
  • Some of our engineers have created a career in here
  • Our client base has continued to grow since
  • Our testimonials and references continue to be outstanding

How do we achieve this?

  • Organizational strength and stability
  • Client satisfaction, retention and referrals
  • High Employee satisfaction
  • Reputation for success
  • Approaching business from a client’s standpoint
  • Promoting confidence through protection
  • Supporting our statements with facts and guarantees
  • Continuous improvements
  • Reducing overhead and passing the benefits on to our clients

How do we reduce Overhead?

  • Strong management and recruitment practices
  • Staff retention and Specialization
  • Use of  widely accepted disciplines and development methodologies
  • Never over-promise
  • Strive to deliver results, no excuses
  • TEST before you talk
  • Transparency
  • Guaranteed results
  • Building trust through performance
  • And most importantly… Keep it fun and Love what you do

When we first started this venture, we were faced with the tail end of prosperous economy, a specific focus on technology and the recent collapse of the .COM era. Offshore was not widely discussed and Nearshore didn’t exist. Through all this we have grown and matured due to loyalty and good old-fashioned ethics. We have a special obligation toward our customers for having selected us, as their partner.

Walter A. Weiss
Founder, CEO